Sunday, March 09, 2008

Nothing to say

I've been too busy the past while to set aside time to write here. In fact, I feel like I should be studying linear algebra or something instead of writing this. Oh well...if I don't write this, I'll just waste even more time reading archives of Coding Horror or something.

So, I haven't been able to do much programming recently, which is kind of disappointing. Oh well...this summer! I'm thinking of contributing to some open source projects this summer, that will be good experience, I think. I have been playing around with a bunch of different languages though: I still want to use Factor more, but Common Lisp is always close to heart, reading why the lucky stiff and Tim Bray are making me think of Ruby, a few posts on OCaml tempting me back in that direction...blah. Too hard to choose one thing to do. Especially when, you know, I really shouldn't be doing any of that, what with the workload I have now.

So...I don't really have anything to write here. Just wanted to post something to keep this active. I'll try to think of something interesting to write about this week, promise!